mercredi 18 juin 2008


3 commentaires:

Antinous a dit…

Ah, cher Brutos-Eros,
je retrouve bien là, un certain penchant pour les triptyques, les trios, et autres mouvements ternaires !

Entre nous, as-tu été marqué par le mouvement ternaire des valses, par les triptyques que l'on entrevoit dans les musées et les églises ? A moins que ce ne soit un relent trinitaire ou anti-trinitaire ! ? :-o)

1, 2, 3, nous irons au bois !

Bon, j'arrête là mes divagations amicales, et te remercie, une nouvelle fois, pour la profusion de tes images qui enchantent tous tes lecteurs !

Bises et amitiés,

Anonyme a dit…

In the portrait of the male in the "rally cap," the translucency with which the nipples catch the light is not lost as we study the pith revealed above us, released in glistening coral from its nurturing sheath. Each nipple emboldens the glowing dome of grace to seize the sun as well, and claim the treasuring wonder of even the bestower's gaze. Now the nipples of pure penis also rise in tints of empathy for suck, as tugs the tautened frenulum t'anticipate the lick.

A beautiful gift to our consideration.

Anonyme a dit…

Gratitude is also deeply due, for your exhibition of top's deportment and expression in the first sitfuck assimilated in this series. It is plain, even from the attentive pursing of his beautiful, strong lips, that they are the analogue of the methodical recipient part; and that he monitors the absorption of his penis with patience but also with scrupulous attention to its stability under the exquisite duress of tenacious descent. Even though his cock's welcome is far, far from in doubt, he continues to shape its bestowal to the latent path of its assimilation. We recognise in his expression the same resolve and concentration we applaud in the clasp before us, and marvel to revisit this sublime phase, of an act all males treasure for its exuberance.