mercredi 14 mai 2008


3 commentaires:

Antinous a dit…

Ah !
Je retrouve nos si fameux "triptyques " !

Cher Brutos-Eros, je te reconnais bien là !
1, 2, 3, nous irons aux bois...

Joli choix, as usual !

Bises et Amitiés,

Anonyme a dit…

The swimmerbottom's gorgeous presentation of fuckgratitude only underscores his radiant worthiness, and lends undoubted intensity to top's treasuring of his clasp. Whatever frenzies must soon supersede this interval of languour, may the gods guide them to shape to their enduring memory of explosive triumph.

Anonyme a dit…

Now penispraising joustings of the joyful pith of fuck propose a happy cointoss to distribute fucking's luck.