vendredi 13 juin 2008

Tim - Visions

Post dated 29 March 2008 - Billet daté du 29 mars 2008

I contacted TIM the Photocollage artist asking him to write some words about himself. Here is his answer:

" I am glad you like some of my pictures...well, I am a photo-collagist who discovered Photoshop 2 years ago,
and then through my enthusiasm for artistic porn, I thought I could try to make surreal pictures with all kinds of men. I found Philippe's group on Yahoo and thought it would be a good place to share my creations! I started using myself as a model (le petit exhibitioniste!) and as my technique grew better, I now use any model that catches my fancy.

Art that celebrates men has always been in the minority, but perhaps the internet will change that. I
hope to be a small part of the process, to amuse and provoke, and to celebrate male beauty in all of its styles.

I will try to make more night-series also, since I have gotten the most feedback for that.
Thanks, and best wishes from Los Angeles.


His email:

5 commentaires:

Antinous a dit…

Superbe ! MERCI, cher Brutos !
Peux-tu nous en dire un peu plus sur cet artiste dénommé Tim ?
Est-il en France, à Paris, aux USA, en UK, ailleurs ?

Bises et Amitiés,

Brutos-Eros a dit…

Antinous, je vais me renseigner.

Antinous a dit…

Merci de t'être ainsi renseigné !
Tu sembles un blogger très fiable ! :-o)
Bises et amitiés,
Merci encore,

Leo a dit…

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Thanks in advance!

Anonyme a dit…

Love your Blog and am especially fond of the artist Tim....glad to know he's so close to home for me.