vendredi 21 mars 2008


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Anonyme a dit…

Some wonderfully nourishing images. The model referenced as 7223 (male straddling a Wassily chair) is represented at the American porn hydra, "menmachine," under the name of TJ, in a very sparkling cycle.

gay jerker a dit…

Hello mon ami!! Hi my friend!!
J'ai giclé litres de sperme sur la photo de Absolutely Hunk!!
I'm in love with that model!!!



Laurent a dit…

Several of the leading males of our time, together with a porn industrialist of infamously indiscriminate self-exploitation. A range of dispositions, a range of fine distinctions for armchair connoisseurs.

Is this why I would choose the American porn hydra’s “TJ” (#7223.jpg) astride his Wassily chair, by Marcel Breuer? I have never thought so. The faux Mephistophelian demeanor fools no one, even by suspension of disbelief. Rather, I feel his knowing silliness in cocking out of context, explaining the smirk, while the genius of coral cock to emulate the cantilever of the slung chair is lost on no one. He would exhibit a perforation of that shoulder, before we finished, but I would heal along the way.