mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Fetisch and Uniforms

Grunts - Misconduct - Scene 5
Now this is how two Army studs should fuck! Roman Ragazzi worships Luke Hass huge cock with his tongue, giving the soldier pleasure instead of punishment. Roman then offers up his ass as reward and Luke's huge boner is anxious to fuck. Roman's huge, muscular body is beautifully displayed as Luke pushes in and out of his hole. Roman's dick is fully hard the entire time Luke is fucking him and he blows a huge load onto his muscled, hairy abs. Luke then pulls out and covers Roman's hairy ass in cum.CLICK HERE

Commandos - Tyler and Luke
Sergeants Savas and Vador certainly are going to get in trouble with their lieutenant! They're two busy sucking and fucking each other to be watching their post. When you're handling big guns like that all day, who can blame them. The hot, smooth and buff soldier boys really seem to love practicing love, not war as they fuck on by the window their supposed to be guarding - hope no enemies see their one-on-one, because they're in for a big surprise.CLICK HERE

First Class - Enrico and Ludovic
After a hard day of flying aircraft all over the world, these pilots have decided to spread there wings in a whole new way. Starting with a bit of a massage to help de-stress, thing escalate between Enrico and Ludovic to the point that they're rimming, sucking and fucking all over the staff common room. Thank goodness an air stewardess didn't walk in or she'd be in for a rude shock after her shift.CLICK HERE

Med Troopers - Shawn, Rick and Igor
It's time for the regular army physical, and we do mean physical, as these military boys get the full check-up. As you can imagine, these boyz are in ship-shape condition. The hot muscle on muscle threesome ends in a very cool group cumming session that's just what the doctor ordered.CLICK HERE

Garcia Udulo & Glenn Santoro
The theme is master and slave and the dress code is leather jock straps, harnesses, open-seated chaps and masks in this kinky encounter between Garcia Udulo and Glenn Santoro. Watch as this masked ass-bandit raids this buff stud's hole and stretches it wide in his attack.CLICK HERE

Sami Damo & Paul Wagner
Sami and Paul are out of their army greens and into each other in this incredibly steamy muscle-on-muscle suck and fuck xxxculsive video. This duo have two of the most impressively ripped bodies we've seen in a long time, and you'll only see them in action on Rear Stable.CLICK HERE

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