lundi 1 octobre 2007

Karel Vojkovsky - Body Movements / Gestuelle

Karel Vojkovsky
"07|04|1982 There are people moving from place to place in all possible directions, and it is not possible to stop them. The move is given to us like a convenience, like a passion or occasion. Nobody can became a photographer overnight - it is a way, which has been copying the line of my life since august 2005. I’m not an everyday photographer, I take pictures by my own natural sense. My meaning of photographing is endeavour to be creative, experimental and ability to take portraits of people’s emotions. I respect people who can do this... I have been studying The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague Departement of Manufacturing Technology. I’m one of the milion people living on the Earth, looking like anybody else neither ugly or pretty, not being rich or poor, and exceling neither in intelect or density. I’m who I am...Thank you my parents, my friends and expecially my love for your supporting me..."

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This is a most excellent blog! (And I especially like this post.) Because I'm slow, I've only discovered you within the last few days, but because I'm speedy I've also already added a link from mine!