lundi 25 juillet 2011

Mark Wolff

Mark Wolff aka Blake Onassis (real name, Canadian of Greek descent), Colt model

Born: 1969. Playgirl (02/95,DL: Passion on the Prairie), Playgirl (06/96, Fantasy Forum), Playgirl (08/00 VV: Love on the Rocks); All Man (03/98, C), All Man (03/99, C), A-Men (10/93, C), Torso (08/97, C), Dude (04/98, 2 Pp.), Colt Men # 29 (1994, C), Spurs # 25,Colt Studio Presents #18 Might Men Of Steel, 1996 Colt Calendar Photos On CD ROM, Men Magazine (03/03-cover) Videography: Mark Wolff's 4-Star Fantasy (Can-Am, Nude Wrestling, October 1997) (Erotica), Maxon Vs. Wolff (Can-Am, Nude Wrestling, September 1998) (Erotica), Mark Wolff's Feel The Power (Can-Am, Nude Wrestling, May 1999) (Erotica), Rockland Vs. Wolff (Can-Am, Nude Wrestling, April 1999) (Erotica), Muscle Fantasies, 1-2 (Erotica), Wrestling Club, 1-2 (Erotica), Titans (Erotica), Totally Dominated, Lords of the Locker room (2000)

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