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My first time

I would like to share with you the first time gay experience of a reader. The text is enthralling and beautifully written.

Sexual encounters I have of a bisexual nature
My first time
艾米尔 author of

I'm a bisexual, married male with 2 kids. I live outside of Chicago and work a regular job and live a regular existence. My wife is a stay at home mom who is hardly ever home. She's great and we have a terrific life together, as both friends and lovers.

My wife knows about my bi-sexuality, doesn't care to be involved in anything related to it, but has pretty much not said anything about it most of our time together. She accepts my bisexuality and knows that I've been with men. I told her BEFEORE we married.

I do, from time to time, meet men and engage in sex with them.

If you want to call me names. I'm ok with that. Call me a cocksucker, call me a fag. Both are ok with me. Actually, I like it when guys call me those names when there cocks are in my mouth. I am what I am and I make no apologies for it. I'm just a regular guy that many of you would not tag as a "homo". Some have pegged me remarkably fast. Those people have become friends.

I've done this five times in my life at this point, and I've had good experiences, and one really bad experience. This is about my first m2m, homosexual experience.

The first time was with a guy named Dan that I met through the personals of one of these "dial-a-date" matchboxes. We spoke on the phone a few times, getting each other hot with our dirty talk. We decided to meet, so we made the arrangements and I went to meet him. He was a player with a baldhead, goatee, great eyes, and he had a "I wanna fuck you" attitude. Now, normally, I am not attracted to men. There have been only a handful of men that I have ever found attractive. This guy was definitely one of them.

Something about his smile, the cock-sure look on his face, was appealing to me. His shaved head and squared off goatee drew me in. And then there were his eyes. Now, I had NEVER gotten weak in the knees from looking into another man's eyes, but his were so clear, so bright, so piercing that I melted everytime I looked into them. I knew I would do things with him I never did with anyone before.

We decided to go back to my place. I was a nervous wreck as I drove. So many thoughts were rushing through my head(s). I had never been with a man before and the anticipation was causing havoc on my nerves. As I drove, Dan started stroking my leg and I could barly keep the accelorator at a constant speed. I was so hard and turned on I couldn't wait to get his cock out of his pants and down my throat. By the time we got back to my place, I wanted him in my mouth so bad!

Dan had other ideas, he wanted to make out. I had never kissed a guy before and it had never been something that I had ever desired. Dan was very sensous as he licked and bit my lips before starting to kiss me deeply, fully on the mouth. His toungue began to explore my mouth as he continued to kiss me hard. I was surprised by the roughness of his lips compared to any other set I've kissed. It may just have been his lips, but they were much rougher than any girl's. We continued to kiss as we moved to the couch.

Although it didn't really appeal to me, I made the best of it, feeling Dan's cock through his jeans, as he kissed me, marveling at the size of his bulge all the time trying to find a way to get better access to it. We kissed and fondled for a while, then Dan stood up, unzipped and dropped his pants, exposing his white briefs. I immediately left the couch and dropped to my knees, putting my mouth on his cock through his underwear. I put my fingers into both sides of his waistband and pulled them down.

His member sprang out and hit me in the face, like a glove slap at a duel. It reminded me of a scene from a porno movie. (Like the ones I used to rent. Always had 2 guys sucking each other off in the presence of a girl. There would always be a girl in the scenes in those movies. Had to be a girl there. That made it a Bi film, with "3-somes", not gay. That way I could feel "safe"). Startled by this, I jerked my head back, looked at his member for a moment, then grabbed it, and began stroking it gently, up and down.

I was in wonder staring at this man's penis. It was beautiful, it was big (8") with a massive, attractive mushroom head that just begged to be touched. It was not at all what I imagined it to feel like. His cock was so much softer and plyable than mine. It was certainly much thicker. As I stroked his member I thought to myself "What a great dick this guy has" I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I actually had another man's penis up, close and personal. Right in front of my face. I could reach out with my tongue and lick it. And it was growing harder and harder in my hand. Dan stepped out of his fallen clothes and laid down on a blanket that I had set up. He looked up at me, into my eyes, and asked me if I was ready to do some cock sucking. I laid down on the floor with my face right above his member. I hovered over it for awhile, contemplating if I really wanted to go through with this.

This desire has been with me since I was 11 years old. I thought about the wet dreams I had as a teenager, sucking the bullies off until they came in my mouth. All the fantasies that fueled my nights of debauchery where I impaled myself on various sports equipment that I used as "Dick Stations" with my 6 dildos of various length and gurth. The times I had beat off thinking about sucking a guy off, the dreams of yearning, the physical ache of wanting a cock in my mouth. I finally decided it was now or never. I wanted a cock in my mouth, his cock was in front of my lips, so in my mouth it went.

I opened my mouth, lowered my head and wrapped my lips around his dick. Now I had a cock in my mouth. I started to bob up and down on it as I continued to stroke him. It tasted and felt great. You have to experience it for yourself to fully understand the dynamic of it. Someone once told me that if you ever put a cock in your mouth, you're a fag. Doesn't matter if you do it once or a hundred times. You're a fag and there was no going back. This thought went through my mind as I sucked on my first cock and I thought to myself, "OK, then I'm a fag".

I LOVED it!!! Sucking on his penis was fantastic. It was as if 20 years of desire all came to a peak at that moment and all the years of wet dreams and wishing came rushing at me fast. It was so dizzying that it ran by like a freight train. My mouth was dry and I could not get a good rythmn going. I had to keep wetting my mouth with a soda I had near by. I started licking Dan's balls and that made him groan. I licked his shaft up and down as I sucked on his head and tried to get as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. After a while, Dan pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked if he could fuck me. I was up for it.

I got on my hands and knees as Dan put on a condom (always practice safe sex!) and positioned himself behind me. He began to enter me from behind. I could feel the knob of his head as it pushed it's way into my manhole. I groaned my approval as he penetrated my walls and broke down my defenses. His cock entered me a few inches at first, then paused. After a few moments, my muscles relaxed and I felt him slide past my Sphencter muscles and into my anus. His cock filled my chamber as he violated my ass. I was stuffed with cock.

Dan began fucking me, back and forth, slowly at first, then he picked up the rythmn. He began plunging his divining rod in and out, deeper and deeper, hitting the back wall of my prostrate, driving me fuckin' crazy! He held onto my ass cheeks as his piston rod plummeled my colon. I'd used dildos my entire adult life and it NEVER felt that good!!! I Screemed "Fuck me baby, fuck me with your cock" Dan fucked me furiously for about 2 minutes. Unfortunately, he pulled out of me (that felt wild!) and came VERY quickly.

I was bummed. I wanted more.

Dan cleaned himself up, then knelt down and started sucking me off. It really felt BAD. He wasn't any good at it at all. He had no concept of what the phrase "sucking dick" meant. I started to play with his penis, hoping it would come back to life.

Dan stopped sucking my cock (has wasn't into it anyway) and he sat up. I continued to work on his cock, gently, with loving care, as he started to make motions about leaving. He asked if I wanted to jack off for him. I said if I could ride his dick while I did it, sure. He said "If you get my dick hard again, I'll fuck you forever" I went back to work on his cock. I sucked and licked on his cock and balls, gently squeezing Dan's nipples and making them erect. I felt his cock stir in my mouth and I started a slow but steady suck and jack until he was rock hard again. I continued to service his dick as I put a rubber over it and lubed it up, real nice.

Dan flipped me over on my back, lifted my feet in the air, and plunged his cock to the hilt. There was no slow approach this time. He banged me hard right from the get go. Dan DRILLED me with his fuck rod for over 30 minutes straight!! It was pure ecstasy. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder he fucked me, streching my love canal to the limit. Pounding away on my frame as he brought his whole weight down on me which each thrust. Dan raised my legs up over my head, leaving me completely exposed, at his mercy. In that position, he was able to penetrate me to the limit. Dan pounded away on my man pussy until I had waves of pleasure washing over my body generating from my bowels. I was lost in total convultions as he buried his love gun so deep I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I felt an orgasm rising up inside of me.

Suddenly, Dan stopped fucking me and announced that he had to go home. He pulled his dick out of me with a pop, and it was all over. No orgasm, no shooting of the wad. I would have to wait to beat off as Dan wanted out.
We got dressed and I drove him home, he kissed me goodbye, and I never saw him again. My ass ached for 2 days after, with this dull, wonderful lower bowel throb that made me think of him non-stop. He never called me again. I tried to reach him, no go. Too bad. He had a nice tasting dick and he certainly knew how to fuck an ass with it.

I just wanted to introduce this side of me right up front. I will post the story of how I discovered, explored and came to accept my bisexuality in the coming entries.

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