vendredi 24 février 2012

Claudio Antonelli

Claudio Antonelli V. Mickey -- Wrestle Hard Media
Master Mickey forces super-fit thaiboxer, Claudio, to do sit-ups in the wrestlehard ring. Seeing that the lazy student is not being serious about the training, Mickey punishes the ungrateful student with hits and various blows! The angry student fights back and starts kicking Mickey's ribs like a madcrazy kickboxer. They are now competing for bragging rights to see who is the real tough guy! Who is the real master and who will be the student bitch !! After a series of kickboxing and never ending exchange of blows, a jockstrap wrestling commences and the two strongmen fight like 2 bulls in the pit! No mercy here as lifts, throws, holds and clutches are exchanged! Master Mickey seems to have the wrestling advantage as he tortures his student with face slapping, nipple and cock torture and force-feeding him his jocks!! Totally HOT!! In the end, the Master wins and humiliates the helpless Claudio by ass-rimming him and subjecting him in a full nelson! He continues with forced blowjobs, lots of choking and two intense fucking positions. The cumshot scene is to die for as the master sees the oppurtunity to complete his domination by applying a painful armbar-extension to his new found bitch!CLICK HERE

Claudio Antonelli, Renato Bellagio & Giusseppe Pardi
Nothing says team building like a post-match threesome and that's just what Giusseppe, Renato and Claudio had in mind for this video. The buff soccers studs use their lockerroom as an impromptu setting for their naughty activities and show off their fine physiques while fucking each other.CLICK HERE

Fredy, Claudio and Leslie
Fredy Costa, one of the hottest men in porn is the big cocked star of this poolside threeway that will get you hard without touching your dick! Here is the run-down...Ripped-up Claudio Antonelli, is working poolside when Fredy Costa, with his big dick hiding behind bathing trunks, swims over to him. They are joined by bodybuilder like, Leslie Manzel and thus begins a pool-side threeway with Claudio the bottom boy. It is Claudio who cums first too, an impressive load which spurts all over his incredible body.CLICK HERE

Tattooed Tools - Claudio and Joshua
Before leaving the bar to hit the can, Claudio Antonelli had made sure to catch beefy Joshua Rodgers' eye, and he quickly follows. Claudio, one of High Octane's best, is also one of the most tattooed. But Joshua holds his own, and will rank amongst your favorite studs too. His sheer strength makes this a big fuck with a big cock, but Claudio is such an ace bottom, Joshua can really go wild with him.CLICK HERE

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